Быстрый курс подготовки к егэ обществознание

is Обществознание краткий курс app not working for you or have something to share?

Common Обществознание краткий курс App Problems and Troubleshooting Steps

✅ I'm getting black screen / white screen (blank screen) when I open Обществознание краткий курс?

It is one of the most common problem in android operating system. Usually when you open an app, you will see a black screen for few seconds and then app will crash with or without an error message. There are few ways to fix this problem.

  1. Most of the times, it might be a temporary loading issue. You just need to press the recent applications menu (usually the first left button) in your phone. Then you close the app that has this issue. Now open the app again. It may work normally.
  2. Try Hard reboot in your Android mobile. Press and hold down the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time for upto 10 seconds. Then, release the buttons and hold down "Power" button until the screen turns on.Now you can try opening the app, it may work fine.
  3. If none of the above working, you can wait till your phone battery drains and it turns off automatically. After that put it to charge, and press the power button. It may work after this.
  4. Finally, if you can't fix it with anything, you may need to uninstall the app and re-install it. Android usually restores all settings after you re-install and log into the app. You can see if that fixes it.
  5. Even in some rare cases, the re-install step also don't work. If that is your case, try installing older versions of the app. Good luck!

✅ My Обществознание краткий курс app wont load or not working properly (loading error / server error / connection error / Screen Freeze / Ping Problem).

There are few situations that may cause the load issue in mobile apps.

  1. The Обществознание краткий курс app server may be down and that is causing the loading issue. Please try after few minutes.
  2. Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. Please check your data connection.
  3. Too many users using the app at same time. Please try after few minutes.

✅ I'm having Обществознание краткий курс login issue or account related issues.

If you have login or account related issue, please check the following steps.

  1. The Обществознание краткий курс server may be down and that is causing the login/account issue. Please try logging in after few minutes.
  2. Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. Please check your data connection.
  3. You may be trying with wrong login credentials. Please confirm the details that you are entering is correct.
  4. If you're using third-party social networks to login such as facebook, twitter, google etc, check whether that service is working properly by visiting their official website.
  5. Your account may be banned or deactivated for activities. Please read error messages.

✅ I have Обществознание краткий курс app installation issues.

  1. Check your wifi / internet connection for connectivity.
  2. Please check your mobile storage space. If you don't have enough space in your disk, the app can't be installed.
  3. Verify that the app you're trying to install supports your android version.

✅ My Обществознание краткий курс app is not updating properly in my phone.

  1. Please check your wifi / mobile data connection and verify that it is working properly. It may be down and stopping you from updating the Обществознание краткий курс app.
  2. Confirm that you have enough storage space in your phone to download updates. If you don't have enough storage space, it can be blocking the app updates.

✅ Audio / video loading problem with Обществознание краткий курс.

  1. Check your phone volume if you have audio problems.Try to use headphones to find out whether it is an issue with your speakers or with the app.
  2. If you've video loading problem, please check your internet speed and wifi connectivity.

✅ Обществознание краткий курс app Notifications are not working properly.

  1. Go to your Apps->Обществознание краткий курс->Notifications and check whether notifications enabled or not. If it is not enabled, please enable it.
  2. Also if you don't get notification alert sounds, re-verify that you don't accidentally muted the app notification sounds.

✅ I deposited money into Обществознание краткий курс. But I don't see it added to my balance.

  1. It may take some time for the app company / developer to process the payment and credit to your account. Please be patient for 24-48 hours and see if the amount gets credited to your account. If not, please contact the development company using the contact details given below.

    Email Address: [email protected]

✅ I won money in Обществознание краткий курс & How to withdraw money to my bank/paypal?

  1. You can go to your account menu and then mostly you may see a withdraw option once you reach your withdrawal threshold. You can use that feature to initiate a withdrawal request.

Видео – подробно о написании сочинения

Разделите текст на смысловые абзацы в соответствии с предложенным в задании планом.

  1. В первом абзаце сформулируйте проблему, которую вы будете обсуждать, однако не повторяйте тему сочинения слово в слово. Представьте, что ваш читатель не знает, о чем пойдет речь, и попытайтесь объяснить ему проблему другими словами.
  2. Выделите положительные и отрицательные стороны проблемы, подумайте о разумных аргументах, в поддержку обеих точек зрения. Помните, что вы должны выразить не только свою точку зрения, но и противоположную. Также не забудьте объяснить, почему вы не согласны с другой точкой зрения. Старайтесь соблюдать баланс между абзацами.
  3. Используйте слова-связки, чтобы помочь читателю проследить за логикой ваших рассуждений. Помните, что вводные слова выделяются запятыми.
  4. В последнем абзаце сделайте обобщающий вывод по данной проблеме. Вы можете также окончательно сформулировать свое мнение или предложить пути решения данной проблемы.

Структура по частям

  • Заголовок — название эссе, которое отражает тему повествования.
  • Введение — 2-4 коротких предложения, которые раскрывают тему эссе.
  • Основная часть — 2-3 абзаца, которые описывают суть сочинения. Максимально полно и грамотно раскройте тему, приведите доводы и аргументируйте их.
  • Заключение — 2-4 предложения, которые подводят итог. Общий вывод по теме.

В основной части сочинения все абзацы начинаются с вводного предложения (Topic Sentence) – введения. Далее мысль Topic Sentence развивается и подтверждается.

Объем сочинения должен составлять 200-250 слов. При этом артикль – это тоже слово, поэтому не слишком увлекайтесь с развитием идей, постарайтесь удержаться в заданных рамках.

Клише для сочинений

Выражения мнения:

  • I agree/ disagree
  • In my opinion, … / From my point of view, … / As far as I am concerned, …
  • I believe that…/ It seems to me that…
  • I am in favour of… / I am against the idea of…
  • According to…
  • Some people say that…
  • It is said/believed that…
  • There is no doubt that…
  • It cannot be denied that…
  • It goes without saying that…
  • We must admit that…

Представление аргументов:

  • The main argument against/in favour is…
  • First of all, I would like to consider…
  • The first thing I would like to consider is…
  • To begin with, …/ To start with, …
  • Despite the fact that…/ In spite of the fact that…
  • On the one hand, … /On the other hand, …
  • Besides,…/ In addition,…
  • What is more, …/ Moreover, …/ More than that, …
  • Finally, …
  • However, … / …, though
  • …although…
  • Nevertheless,…

Логические связки:

  • for this reason
  • therefore/that is why
  • thus sth happened because of/as a result of/owing to/due to/as a consequence of


  • For example
  • For instance
  • Such as
  • Like


  • To sum up, …
  • To conclude, I would argue that…
  • On this basis, I can conclude that…
  • In conclusion, I would like to stress that…
  • All in all, I believe that…